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The decorative films allow you to personalize a window, wall or glass cabinet and to preserving privacy. These films soften the light without screening the light off.
Film totally frosted with two transparent stripes of 2 mm located one centimeter of top and bottom edge. By cutting the bands, you get a perfectly fitting frosted with other films from our Decorative range, allowing the fit on large windows.
Use :
Facades, office boxes, computer rooms, hospitals, ground-floor premises, schools, workshops, shop windows decoration, etc …
Application method :
Internal surface with soapy water.
Glass maintenance :
Solution of soapy water, 30 days after installation. Products that could scratch the film should not be used. Do not put stickers or any other adhesives on the film.
Durability :
12 to 15 years for inside vertical application in Central Europe.
Storage :
2 years from the delivery. This film should be kept away from excessive moisture and away from direct sunlight at temperature below 38° C.
The adhesive surface must be free of dust, grease or other contaminants. Some materials such as polycarbonate can cause the surface bubbling. A compatibility test is recommended.
In case of windows exposed to the sun, of type "double glazing, tinted glass, laminated glass, or thick ice" : contact us or follow the UTD no. 39.
Fire performance class M1
Material Polyester 36 microns
Adhesive Acrylic polymer 13 gr/m²
Color Frosted and transparent
Release liner Sylicone Polyester 23 microns
Application Internal
Thermal resistance from -20° to 80°C
Application temperature Minimum 5°C



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Window Films - Decorative Films - Frosted Films - INT 420 - 2 Stripes
Window Films - Decorative Films - Frosted Films - INT 420 - 2 Stripes
Window Films - Decorative Films - Frosted Films - INT 420 - 2 Stripes