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This adhesive film should be fixed to the back of mirrors to keep pieces of glass in place case of shock or fire.
Use :
For protection of silvered glass without the use of toughened glass, it is responsible for optical distortions in places open to the public and equipped with mirrors, such as sports halls, dance halls, exhibition halls, elevators, night clubs etc.
Application method :
Quick and easy, soak the silvering of the mirror, apply the adhesive side of the film to the silvering and remove the water with a squeegee. You can glue the mirror on after 24 hours. Do not apply stickers or other adhesives to the film.
Glass maintenance :
Durability :
More than 20 years for vertical application
Storage :
2 years from the delivery. This film should be kept away from excessive moisture and away from direct sunlight at temperature below 38° C.
The adhesive surface must be free of dust, grease or other contaminants. Some materials such as polycarbonate can cause the surface bubbling. A compatibility test is recommended.
In case of windows exposed to the sun, of type "double glazing, tinted glass, laminated glass, or thick ice" : contact us or follow the UTD no. 39.
Fire performance class M1
Material Polyester 75 microns
Adhesive Acrylic polymer 25 gr/m²
Color Water white
Release liner Sylicone Polyester 23 microns
U.V. resistance Excellente
Tearing strenght 17.5 daN/cm
Thermal resistance from -20° to 80°C
Application temperature Minimum 5°C



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Window Films - Safety Films - Backing Mirrors - DOS 060 - Interior
Window Films - Safety Films - Backing Mirrors - DOS 060 - Interior