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These visuals films allow you to see and distinguish completely clear partitions or glass separations in public areas. They are especially helpful in are as where partial or full coverage is not necessary.
Details : 5 cm diameter red circles
Use :
Entrance doors, automatic doors, office boxes, hospitals, airports, schools, shops, railway stations, museums…
Application method :
Internal surface with soapy water.
Glass maintenance :
Solution of soapy water, 30 days after installation. Products that could scratch the film should not be used. Do not put stickers or any other adhesives on the film.
Durability :
12 to 15 years for inside vertical application in Central Europe.
Storage :
2 years from the delivery. This film should be kept away from excessive moisture and away from direct sunlight at temperature below 38° C.
The adhesive surface must be free of dust, grease or other contaminants. 
Fire performance class M1
Material PVC 70 microns
Adhesive Acrylic polymer 13 gr/m²
Color Frosted
Release liner Sylicone Polyester 23 microns
Application Internal
Thermal resistance from -20° to 80°C
Application temperature Minimum 5°C



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Window Films - Display Films - VISUAL 06 - Frosted dot of 5 cm dia. /price by pack of 60
Window Films - Display Films - VISUAL 06 - Frosted dot of 5 cm dia. /price by pack of 60