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Discover how Mathieu and Valérie created their high-end wall murals company to fill a gap in the market and how MaMurale has become a leading supplier of wallpaper in Quebec.
A Passion for Wall Decor

In 2010, we founded MaMurale, our high-end wall murals company based in Quebec, Canada. We noticed a lack of options in the adhesive wall murals market and decided to fill this gap by creating our own company.
Initially, we designed and printed wallpapers for our family and friends. However, we quickly started receiving orders from professional clients such as interior designers and business owners. We discovered there was a great interest in our unique and high-quality products.

Over the years, we continued to expand our range of products and services. We added customization options to meet our client’s needs, as well as installation and maintenance services to ensure our wall murals last long. We also broadened our range of styles and themes, including stunning nature scenes, fun cartoon characters, and modern abstract designs.

We take pride in our dedicated team of professionals who have contributed to the success of our company. We also take pride in being a responsible and community-involved company.

Today, we are pleased to be one of the leading wall murals suppliers in Quebec and offer quality products to customers all over Canada. We continue to lead our company with passion and determination.

We are proud to be a community-involved company and contribute to creating beautiful living spaces for the people in our region. We believe that the walls of our homes or workplaces are more than just blank surfaces; they are a means of creating a unique and welcoming atmosphere that reflects our personality and lifestyle. We are happy to offer our products and services to help people create living spaces that suit them.

mathieu & valerie
Thank you to our 15,000 clients and all our partners for participating in this beautiful project! :)
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